Maui Population

Maui has a population of 154,834, third-most populous of the Hawaiian islands.

Maui has often been described as paradise on earth. There are miles of beautiful beaches and thousands of acres of forests; there are many species of animals and plants that exist here but nowhere else on earth. All of this beauty has made Maui a very popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, the increase in human involvement in Maui’s ecosystem is starting to have bad consequences. North Beach, Maui is facing several different environmental problems due to the presence of humans. The total population of Maui County, which is 115,955 residents represents 10 percent of Hawaii state's total population and is the third largest population in Hawaii.

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The population on Maui is extremely diverse and includes many ethnic groups who have originally arrived to work sugar cane and pineapple plantations from countries of the Western Pacific rim.

Maui Population

With a mayor-council type of government (executive and legislative authorities), inhabitants of Maui County have the right to elect mayor and the rest of the nine public seats. Successful political candidates earn the legal authority to govern the region for four years and have the chance to run in the next election period.

Though native Hawaiians and Americans are dwelling in the place, Asians (mostly Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese descents) make up a significant portion of the population with 33.01%. Foreign residents with a minimum of two races also abound Maui County. Other dwellers of this fantastic county are Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics and Latinos, respectively making up 10.72% and 7.8% of the population.

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There are four major population centers on the island, and those are in order of highest population: Central Maui, Upcountry, South Maui, and West Maui.

These population centers are around ten miles apart from each other and separated by wilderness. Maui’s population has tripled since 1970, showing significant growth over the last 27 years.

Out of the Hawaii chain, Maui is the most visited. Even though West Maui is the least populated among the four centers, it receives the highest amount of tourists. The island of Maui has two major cities: Wailuku and Kahului.